Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Noah is 3!

Noah turned 3 on Saturday! 
Noah's school celebrated his birthday on Friday by inviting mom to come read a few of Noah's current favorite books ("Little Quack", and "The Best Day Ever, Dad") to the class, and sharing some of Noah's favorite treats (Dum Dum Suckers, or "Lollies"), while Noah wore his special glitter birthday crown that Miss Annie Made for him!

*Dad and Asha were present at school, but did not make it in any of the pictures because of camera duties. However, below is a picture of Dad and Asha immediately preceding the 'emergency outfit change' that occurred just before leaving for Noah's school celebration...
She looks so innocent, doesn't she?

So what about Noah?

While Noah has not been the subject of as many pictures as his little sister as of late (by his own choice), he is still very much the center of things.
One recent highlight that was captured on camera was Noah meeting Santa Clause for the first time.  It went quite well.  He asked for "more library books."  Check. 

You may note a certain yellow bear attached to Noah...Pooh Bear is a constant companion, comfort, and source of germs 

Asha take 3

A few Asha glamour shots

The kissing has not stopped (and surely you can see why...)


We are at the point where it has been so long since we've posted, I am asking myself, "do I try to catch up, risking never actually getting to it, or do we just jump in at the current time and hope for the best?"

Here is a brief update, and explanation of why this blog has been so silent...

Noah became a big brother on July 14, 2011!  Introducing sweet little Asha...

 Asha with our beloved doc, Dave Watson (doing his signature bunny ears)
 Daddy time...
 Getting ready to leave the hospital
Big brother's reaction to the new addition
(not really, but dad took this pic around birth time and thought it was appropriate)
Noah has been a really sweet big brother, wanting to hold "Athya" and warm up all her toys and pacifiers for her.  :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Uncle Katie and Uncle Reed!

Reed had another delightful visit with our favorite red heads, Uncle Reed and Aunt Katie! 
Noah, sensing that Reed and Katie are nearly one in the same, thought the title "Uncle" would work just as good as "Aunt" for Katie, so that is what he often referred to her as.  :)
(We'll get that straightened out by Thankgiving, don't you worry....)

Nandi Visit

Noah got to meet his newest cousin Layla when Auntie Lisa, Uncle Derrik, Ajji, Ajja, and Jyoti all came for a visi in May.*  Noah fell in love with Layla immediately and now holds all babies to the standard of "Baby Layla". 
*This post is delayed because Mommy didn't manage to take any decent pictures, and forgot that Lisa had sent these great shots...I hope it is ok that I posted these...